Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Nature of The Rakia—The Complete Series

Dear Readers,

Recently I attempted to find a passage from my series, “The Nature of The Rakia,” and realized that it could only  be done with considerable difficulty. I am therefore providing a link to a PDF document containing  the complete series,and also separate links to each of the posts right here. I hope you will find this useful:

Prefatory Remarks (Important!)—Please read this to gain the context of the entire series.

Part One--A Mistaken Job

Part Two--A Mirror's Strength

Part Three--Accusations of Primitive Ideas

Part Four--How Hard Is The Sky?

Part Five--The Rakia and The BiasSphere

Part Six--Mistranslation, Again: "Chazak" Means "Strong," Not "Hard"

Part Seven--Chazal Did Not [at] All Think The Celestial Rakia is Opaque

Part Eight--A Superior Understanding of Pesachim 94b?

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  —Zvi Lampel

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