Sunday, June 12, 2011

Dialogue - The Hoax of Geology Part 5

Note to reader: This post is the latest addition in an ongoing series. In order to gain the maximum benefit, all of the posts should be read in proper sequence. Latter posts take the familiarity of data from previous posts for granted.

In this post, we made the following assertion:

Assertion #2: If the composition of the strata in question does not conform to evolutionary theory, it too is ignored.

Stratigraphic material is not directly associated with specific life-forms. In other words, any kind of fossil can be found in any kind of stratum. The beds can vary from hardened crystalline conditions to unconsolidated sandstone or shale of the loosest material. They can even be soft mud and clay. Incredibly, the aforementioned soft beds have sometimes been identified as Cambrian simply because of the fossils contained in them. One quote will suffice to demonstrate our point.
The Ordovician rocks over a large part of Russia consist of very recent-looking sediments, for the sands and clays are as soft and incoherent as the similar rocks of Tertiary age are in the south of England (Britannica Vol. 20 p. 236)

In the following post we will address our Assertion #3 and Rabbi Slifkin’s claim that contemporary species are never found together with ancient species.

To be continued…

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