Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Those disappearing comments

Some readers complained that their comments were deleted. Actually no comments have been actively deleted (except at the request of the author of those comments). However, when I looked in the blogger spam folder, I did see a number of comments (and I am not sure why blogger flagged them as spam). Those comments have been re-enabled. Any advice on how to train blogger's spam folder to be more discriminating, would be be appreciated. (I'll have to check the spam folder more often :-). My apology to those who have been inconvenienced.


  1. After reading blogs for around 4 years, I don't think that's ever happened on any blog I've ever visited. Not a one. How odd.

  2. Baruch Pelta -

    Here's the message that Google affixes to the "Dashboard" of every current Blog administrator running a page on their sites.

    "NEW! - We have enabled automatic spam detection for comments. You should occasionally check the comments in your spam inbox. Learn more about Blogger's spam detection or report issues."

    This addresses your comment.

  3. Yes, I saw that. so that's what I do. Look in the spam folder periodically and enable the flagged comments. The "learn more" link does not say too much more. In fact, the vast majority of comments do not land in the spam folder. Even if they do, there is a learning algorithm, that works most of the time.

  4. Looks like my comments are going into spam. גם זה לטובה!