Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Betech-Slifkin Debate: As it Stands Now

The following is a synopsis of the activity relating to the ongoing Betech/Slifkin debate saga.

Rabbi Slifkin has authored several books which attempt to reconcile the modern theory of evolution with the Biblical Creation Event. In these books, Rabbi Slifkin takes the theory of evolution for granted and thus resorts to reinterpreting the verses in the Torah such that they accord with the dictates of the theory.

Dr. Betech has challenged Rabbi Slifkin on numerous occasions to defend his evolutionary model of Creation by publicly debating the merits of evolutionary theory but Rabbi Slifkin has consistently refused to engage Dr. Betech in debate.

Rabbi Slifkin then challenged Dr. Betech to publicly defend his Biblical model of Creation to which Dr. Betech agreed providing Rabbi Slifkin first acquiesce to Dr. Betech’s prior request and debate him on the merits of evolution.

As it stands now, Dr. Betech is willing to publicly defend his version of the Creation model providing Rabbi Slifkin first responds to Dr. Betech’s request.

And as it stands now, Rabbi Slifkin is not willing, under any circumstances, to defend his own publicly disseminated view of Creation and insists that Dr. Betech forgo his own request and acquiesce to Rabbi Slifkin’s challenge.

here for Dr. Betech's account of the exchange.)


  1. Some corrections:

    1. It's not "Rabbi Slifkin's evolutionary model of creation." It's the scientific community's evolutionary model, which Rabbi Slifkin reconciles with Creation. Dr. Betech has shown no interest in debating the theological aspects.

    2. Rabbi Slifkin did not only challenge Dr. Betech to defend his model of creation; he also requested that Dr. Betech explain what his model of Creation actually is, which Dr. Betech has not yet done.

    3. Rabbi Slifkin did not "insist" that Dr. Betech acquiesce to his challenge. Instead, he pointed out that Dr. Betech himself had claimed that scientific debates between himself and Rabbi Slifkin further the cause of truth and that such pursuits are important to him, and thus Dr. Betech himself should surely want to discuss and debate his model.

  2. B"H
    Dear Yissacher
    I suggest you to read the updated summary letter, now posted on
    After that, any comment is welcomed.
    Isaac Betech

  3. Dr. Betech, your summary omits many of R' Slifkin's responses to your comments.

    But I really don't care. Every time you say something about discussing science without actually saying anything substantive about science, I lose more interest in what you have to say.

  4. B"H
    Dear Rafi
    I hope to "say anything substantive about science" in the protocolized neutral forum.
    Isaac Betech

  5. But it may never happen. Can you at least give us the details of your Creation model?

  6. I'm unfamiliar with your model and may find it enlightening. Why does its presentation depend on R' Slifkin acquiescing to debate?

  7. I see from the comments to the Rav Hirsch post on this blog, and from the conspicuous absence of responses to R. Slifkin's latest post about whether the anti-evolutionists are espousing kefirah, that Simcha Coffer and Yoel Ostroff are apparently in great difficulties.

  8. Dr. Betech, what you have to contribute is extremely important. Is it fair to delegate to Rabbi Slifkin the decision to share your ideas and information with the world?

  9. B"H
    Dear Yitz:
    Please see my summary letter point VI-1.
    Shabbat Sha-lom.
    Isaac Betech.